Acies follows a four-stage process to create and deliver a successful fundraising campaign.

Stage 1 — Discovery

Stage 2 — Diligence

Stage 3 — Brand & Collateral Development

Stage 4 — Cap-Intro

This process allows Acies to understand a manager’s background, allowing the firm to craft a story and messaging designed specifically for the target audience, explaining the firm, the team, the sector and the edge of the strategy. These components are critical to creating a differentiated story, which will be the cornerstone piece to communicating a manager’s beliefs and strategy. These communications serve as the foundation of a successful fundraising campaign in the family office and RIA space.

The process always begins with WHY. As a relationship-based firm, it is critical that Acies understands the core beliefs, history and edge of each manager. The Pre-Discovery phase is designed to magnify a manager’s values and beliefs, leading to the development of brand attributes that play a consistent and distinctive role in all supporting collateral and communications. Different from sales in institutional channels, successful fundraising campaigns in the family office and RIA space start with the “who” the “how” and the “why”, prior to the “what” even becoming part of the discussion.

The first two phases, Pre-Discovery and Discovery, begin with finding answers to questions on the core beliefs and values of the management team, their goals for the fund and the central philosophies of the firm. Additionally, this effort covers due-diligence on the manager, strategy and beliefs among limited partners and allocators. This aspect of the engagement allows Acies to take a deep dive into the unique qualifications of the team, the positioning of the strategy and the communication campaign with the target market.

In relationship marketing, the story and “Edge” of the manager is the vehicle that opens doors in the family office and RIA communities. Acies prepares tailor-made collateral materials to prepare a manager for the “go to” market phase of an engagement. These documents tell the firm’s story and edge in a manner designed to connect with the target audience.

Armed with a differentiated story, a definable “Edge” and an understanding of the strategy, Acies works closely with its clients to deliver a customized and well-executed cap-intro plan.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

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