Growth Capital Services

Founded in 2003, Growth Capital Services is a boutique broker dealer firm specializing in the expanding market of private securities. Our affiliates excel in these niche markets and have compiled an impressive track record. Whether direct company capital raises, institutional placement agent assignments or late-stage secondary opportunities, we know how to match the right investors with the right opportunities.

Because multiple parties need to come together to create a successful transaction, we are equally dedicated to providing outstanding service to our investors, our issuers, and our representatives. Our back office systems were developed by brokers, for brokers, using a proprietary data management system that enables appropriate supervision, operational efficiency and 24-hour access. Our goal is to provide all parties with the information they need, allowing a smooth progression from the pre-marketing phase to the close.

Communication Links

Since 1993, Communication Links has provided a broad variety of marketing communication services to the hospitality, financial service and real estate industries. Formed by two partners with distinctly different backgrounds, the agency operates on the synergy concept – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The balance of the Communication Links team is comprised of marketing-savvy professionals trained in public relations, journalism, marketing, graphic design and digital technology, with more than 150 combined years of experience in these fields. This diversity of expertise allows Communication Links to offer a full range of Marketing Services to its clients.


Backs\ash is a content creation and editing agency that works with businesses in crafting clear and consistent messaging for multiple platforms. With a passion for the written word, Backs\ash serves as an in-house writer and editor, adopting each client’s unique voice and tailoring content for their target audience.

Backs\ash works with a wide variety of clients, including law firms, real estate developers, PR and marketing agencies, book publishers, and more, helping create and manage engaging and thoughtful content. Backs\ash believes in the power of strong writing, and brings enthusiasm and creativity to help each client succeed.