ACIES means “EDGE” in Latin, and Our Edge is Helping You Define & Communicate Yours

AciesGroup is a different kind of marketing/cap-intro firm, created to assist emerging managers in the process of taking a strategy to market. Think of Acies as a full service, one-stop shop for discovery and diligence, strategy positioning, marketing collateral development and fundraising placement services. Acies embraces opportunities and leaders that may not fit typical institutional mandates. Unique in the industry, Acies is relationship-driven, loves courageous leaders, and embraces the opportunity to share a great story.

Acies serves as a cost-efficient, yet robust alternative to building an internal sales and/or marketing team. Acies works closely and collaboratively with an asset management team, in a similar fashion as an internal team member, while providing access and services stretching far beyond the work of a single individual.

Why a Consulting Partner?

Raising a first, second or a firm transitioning fund can be a much bigger challenge than most managers anticipate. The effort requires significant time, energy, resources, unrelenting patience, and an unbridled tenacity, typically requiring experienced professionals and a full-time approach.

Raising this kind of capital is not for the faint of heart. Adding to the challenge, young firms are often not in a position to hire a dedicated sales and marketing team, especially one with relevant experience and the ability to leverage long-standing relationships in the markets. Unfortunately, these firms are usually forced to execute fundraising campaigns with their initial operating team, who most often have never raised this kind of capital and are not familiar with investor requirements or the fundraising landscape.

That is exactly what ACIES does. The Acies solution is best described as a dedicated sales and marketing solution – providing a cost-effective and efficient resource to asset management firms. Acies brings a unique marketing approach, paired with uninhibited access to the RIA, family office and high net-worth communities.

Our Clients

Acies clients consist of experienced managers who have defined and refined their strategy over the years. Typical clients are out-of-the-box thinkers, established leaders, and standout managers. They include portfolio managers who have broken-away from an established firm and who bring consistent and identifiable performance along with seasoned and pedigreed teams.

Acies loves to partner with great leadership, dig into challenging engagements, and assist firms committed to the delivery of alpha returns for investors. The firm provides an unparalleled solution for emerging managers firmly committed to raising early-fund capital in the most efficient and cost-effective means possible.

As investor’s quest for alpha continues to grow, so too will the popularity of high-quality, undiscovered managers. “Me too” managers will be lost in the shuffle. Managers who can perform, must be properly positioned to stand up and stand out. Acies managers can communicate their story, can articulate their edge and can defend their value proposition. Our managers stand out.

“We must believe in something – in ourselves, destiny, karma, whatever. This principle has changed my life.”

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